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Archives for September 2013

Autographed PTX Volume 1 Giveaway!

  We really appreciate all of your support as we start up this fan site. It truly means a lot to us! Pentatonix is an amazing group and we really love spreading their unique brand of joy. To say thank

Happy 22nd Birthday, Scott!

Today Scott turns 22 and I know we are all hoping he will have a fantastic day full of family, friends, and fun! Some of our amazing Pentaholics put together some videos that are sure to make his day a

Putting Your Own Spin On It

I love this post by acatribe: “Be Interesting, Distinctive, or Both“! ” If you’re doing the same types of covers, in the same types of styles, as every other group out there, you’re dramatically limiting your group’s potential.  Find your

Guess the PTX Vol 2 Release Date!

          While we are getting our big, autographed CD giveaway set up, let’s play a game of “Guess the PTX Vol 2 Release Date!” Leave a comment on this post with your best guess of date.

Fantastic blog review of the Arlington show!

A college student walks us through last nights Pentatonix show in Arlington. It also happens to be his first concert ever! From the sound of it, he and his friends had an amazing time! He has also posted some great