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Archives for October 2014

PTX Vol II Autographed CD Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Thanks for the great turn out Pentaholics! I just love doing these giveaways and the questions were awesome. I hope to be able to get answers for all of them eventually! And now, the moment you have been waiting for… The two

Autographed Pentatonix CD Giveaway!

Two Pentatonix concerts, a new PTX CD, and a Google Hangout with Kirstie Maldonado. It has been a pretty fantastic week for me, so I want to share the love! After the LA show, Pentatonix was kind enough to sign

Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley Is Close to 100 Million Views!

Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley was posted last year on November 4 and has garnered almost 97 million views! Can you even believe it as been a whole year? We would love to see it reach 100 million by next month!

Pentatonix Fanfiction Challenge with What’s Trending

Shira Lazar from What’s Trending has the members of Pentatonix read excerpts from PTX fanfiction and then guess who the excerpt is about. Love this!  

Grammy.com’s Exclusive Interview with Pentatonix Member Scott Hoying

As always, Scott gives such wonderfully detailed interviews! I can’t wait to get my copies of “That’s Christmas to Me”! — Via Grammy.com What inspired your string-laden cover of the Stromae hit “Papaoutai”? We did a European tour, and one

All Access Interviews Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi

It is so nice to see a reporter who has done their research and is prepared enough to ask knowledgable and interesting questions! — Via AllAccess.com “All Access Music writer, Nicole DeRosa got a chance to catch up with one of the lead vocalists,

Pentatonix Singing Celebrity Tweets on MTV

While short, this video of Pentatonix singing celebrity tweets for MTV is hilarious! I love how seriously they are taking it and how random the tweets are! Would love to see more of these, how about you?  

Pentatonix Names Their Favorite Things

I really love this interview with CBS News! Whenever I hear people talking about how hard it is to work with someone because “they are so different than me” I always think about these interviews. All five Pentatonix members are

Pentatonix Visits Elvis Duran and The Morning Show

Pentatonix recently appeared on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show for a radio interview. The first is a bonus video from the Elvis Duran site that actually shows some behind the scenes footage from the radio interview. The last two are