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Archives for September 2015

Pentatonix’s Debut New Original Single “Can’t Sleep Love” To Rave Reviews

Pentatonix has released the first single from their upcoming all original album and it is debuting to rave reviews! “Can’t Sleep Love” is upbeat, funky fun and shouldn’t be missed! Check out some of the best reviews below. Via JoshipGirl

Pentatonix’s “Can’t Sleep Love” Meets Minecraft!

An enterprising Pentatonix fan (sphynxcatt on planetminecraft.com) created Minecraft skins for Pentatonix’s outfits from the “Can’t Sleep Love” music video. Love it! Unfortunately they haven’t finished Avi’s yet, but the others are so fun! Check them out here and click on

The Fashion of Pentatonix

We all love Pentatonix’s fabulous fashion sense but have you ever wondered where they got a particular item? If so, I have the perfect blog for you! The Fashion of Pentatonix: They cover the songs you love, now cover yourselves

Pentatonix Cover “Just Got Paid” On Elvis Duran

 Pentatonix cover NSYNC’s “Just Got Paid” as a promo for Elvis Duran’s Pay My Bills contest.  

Pentatonix Brings A Capella To Pop

In his usual fun style, Mitch Grassi recently chatted with Mercury News about why people love a cappella, the groups experience after The Sing-off and the future of Pentatonix. It always makes me sad to hear about the way they were

Pentatonix Reveal Details of New Album: ‘We Want to Prove We Can Write’

Short, but sweet, interview from Entertainment Weekly with blurbs by Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi about Pentatonix’s new album.   Via Entertainment Weekly “Texan quintet Pentatonix made waves with a cappella versions of hits by artists from Lorde to Daft Punk, but on Pentatonix, out

Pitch Perfect 2 Special Edition Includes a Track By Pentatonix

Pentatonix fans will be glad to know that the recently released Pitch Perfect 2 Special Edition soundtrack includes Pentatonix’s cover of “Any Way You Want it”!     Via PR Newswire “LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Special Edition of Pitch Perfect

A Cappella Idols

Kirstie sat down to chat with Palo Alto Online a couple weeks ago about the collaborative process on the new album and her experience touring with Kelly Clarkson. Looks like this has been a pretty fantastic summer for her!  

Bonus Editions of Pentatonix’s New Album Available

In addition to the regular and deluxe versions that were originally announced, we have come across two other versions of Pentatonix’s new album you will definitely want to check out! Target is going to be offering an “extra deluxe” album

How You Can Help Pentatonix!

As you might be aware Pentatonix, while amazingly talented, has not gotten much radio play to date. Unfortunately, this is what they really need to take their career to the next level. This is where you come in! They have