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Mitch Grassi :: Hitting the High Notes with Pentatonix

Pentatonix has taken the world by storm! We’ve all been bitten by the group’s availability and openness; we have the availability to access each member of the group online in ways that are entirely unique. And what’s really cool? Pentatonix

Pentatonix Set Their Sights on Pop Radio, Show You How to Do the Yahoo Yodel -VIDEO

Yahoo! Music sits down with Pentatonix to chat about Daft Punk’s reaction to their medley, touring with Kelly Clarkson, and their new album. Plus, there is a super cute bonus video of them arranging the Yahoo! Yodel. Love it! Via

Concert Review: Kelly Clarkson Impresses Amp crowd With Familiar Tracks, Drake Cover And Petatonix Collaboration

Sounds like Pentatonix is winning over new fans at every stop of the Piece by Piece Tour! Via Post City Toronto “While Clarkson’s remarkable vocals ensured that each cover was handled with proper care, she wasn’t the only performer on

Nunn On One: Music Interviews Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi

Nunn On One: Music recently did an interview with Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi where they chatted about the Piece by Piece tour, the upcoming album and what he has learned since The Sing-off. Via Windy City Media Group … Windy City Times:

Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying Talks New Music & Performing With Kelly Clarkson

Thanks for being patient with us while we get back on our feet after the big move! This Billboard interview with Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying is a great place to jump back in since he has some fun information about the

Pentatonix Found Its Way Home For A Tour Closer, And We Can Still Hear The Screams

I have to say I am particularly loving this review of Pentatonix’s Grand Prairie show and not just because I was there. The energy at the show was absolutely incredible and the author did a great job of capturing that. I

Pentatonix Wows Houston

As expected, Pentatonix wowed audiences all over North America during the first leg of their “On My Way Home” tour. This article discusses their performance in Houston, TX and really sums up why Pentatonix is so special! — Via The

New PTXperience To Be Released Today!

Yesterday, Pentatonix tweeted that they will be releasing the new PTXperience video today! For those of you new to PTXperience, they are super fun videos that give fans a behind the scenes look at tech rehearsals, tour life and performances.

Kelly Clarkson Talks Possible Pentatonix Collaboration

In a recent interview with Glamour, Kelly Clarkson talked about her upcoming tour. She shares how she met Pentatonix and whether they will do a collaboration during the concert. — Via Glamour “Maybe you can co-headline a tour! You just announced

Deena: The Best Pentatonix Chair Girl EVER!

Pentatonix’s opening show in Chicago this week was a huge success! Not only did it get rave reviews, but the band members themselves were thrilled with the night’s chair girl! Sounds like everyone had an absolutely amazing time!