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Pentatonix’s Guide To Making The Perfect Party Playlist

As most of us know, Pentatonix formed in 2011 for the a cappella TV competition, The Sing Off. After years of covering other artist’s songs and becoming Youtube superstars (seriously, their channel has over 9.1 million subscribers and over 1.1

Thanks for your patience!

Thank you all so much for your patience during our short break from posting. I had to take some family time as we were in the middle of a cross country move. We are, however, close to settled in and

Pentatonix’s New Year’s Eve Appearances!

Pentatonix will be performing not once, but TWICE on New Year’s Eve! We have a feeling a little technological magic will be involved in their being two places at once. If you happen to be vacationing at the Viceroy resort

Lindsey Stirling Releases Book of Sheet Music

Lindsey Stirling recently released a book of sheet music that includes her Pentatonix collaboration “Radioactive”! The book is only $19.99 and is available here. “PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Contains: Fix You Good Feeling My Immortal All of Me Pokemon Theme Radioactive Star

Autographed PTX Vol 2 Giveaway!

  We love you all so much and really appreciate all the support we have received for this site. So, to say thank you, we are going to do another giveaway! This time, we will be giving away TWO copies

Kirstie Maldonado Sings Never Neverland

Love this gorgeous video of Kirstie performing in London! It is not often we get to hear one of the group performing solo, so this is a real treat. Such an amazing voice! I agree with one of the commenters:

LA Mag Gives a Shout Out to Pentatonix

Love this short but sweet blurb about Pentatonix from LA Mag! So great to see them getting so much media exposure during this tour! — Fundamentally Sound: Pentatonix Take A Cappella Mainstream The L.A. based quintet is leading the charge

Pentatonix Packs Perfection in Tucson

Loving this review of Tucson’s sold out Pentatonix show! They were able to put in words exactly what I felt during the Oakland and Reno shows. Such amazing talent bringing people from all walks of life together for an incredible

Salt Lake City Show Review

Lynette Randall from The Daily Utah Chronicle  wrote a great review about the Pentatonix show in Salt Lake City.  She said that Pentatonix puts on the “best concert.” Here is a little clip from the review. So there I was, smashed

Tune Into The GRAMMYs Tonight!

Don’t forget to tune into The GRAMMYs tonight for the premier of Pentatonix’s new Lucky Charms commercial! Check your local listings for channels and times.