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  1. Sheila Guinn says:

    I have an 11 year old Granddaughter , Georgia, that discovered you a year ago and are pretty much all she listens to
    Her parents are taking her to your concert in Memhis on November 3, 16 Thursday What she wanted for her birthday
    Is there anyway this precocious child can go back stage and see you
    She knows ( and tells me anytime I’ll listen each of your life history , she saw the program of your history )
    Well thanks in advance if able to do this
    Sheila Guinn

  2. Hello my name is Frank. I have a grandson with autism and he is deeply Inspire him. The only music you listen to is your music. He says all of his figures up in groups of 5 just so he looks like you. He has to have his hair done just like Scott. I just wanted to thank you guys for playing the music that you play we love it as his grandparents and he really really really loves your music. God bless you all and have a great Christmas.

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