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Kirstin Maldonado’s Spotify Album Playback Q&A

Thank you to the lovely Corinne for transcribing Kirstin Maldonado’s recent Twitter question and answer session during the Spotify album playback!


KIRSTIE’S Spotify album playback October 16, 2015

KIRSTIE: I’m starting my @spotify album playback! Everyone hit play on the album NOW as I follow along!!! Woooo!!

Q: How was it recording the video for sing?

KIRSTIE: So much fun!!! So many fun activities 🙂

►Na na na was the most fun to record in the studio!! Bobbing my head along now

Q: What was the easiest song to sing/arrange?

KIRSTIE: Can’t Sleep Love!

Q: What is the best song for you on the new album?

KIRSTIE: Like what’s most fun to sing? Na na na, water, or can’t sleep love!

Q: Weren’t you afraid of the snake around your neck in the “sing” video??

KIRSTIE: No!!! I asked to see her! She was beautiful!

Q: What do you wanna do the most next time you come to Japan?

KIRSTIE: Explore more places! Go back to @esNAIL_SHIBUYA

Q: Did you guys get any sleep at all, or is the adrenaline just too crazy? We are SO PROUD of y’all!

KIRSTIE: Only got 4 hrs?! Had to stay up to watch Fallon & I loved seeing everyone’s thoughts on the album!

Q: If you could sing in another language for any song, what language would it be?

KIRSTIE: Japanese or Spanish!

Q: Song with most meaning to you off the album?

KIRSTIE: Water, Take Me Home, Misbehavin!

►Have you seen our video for Sing yet?! Listening to it now makes me want to watch again

Q: What was your favorite part of recording the “Sing” video?

KIRSTIE: The snake!!!! And being at the pier with everyone 🙂

Q: How has the reception of your work and the album compared to your expectations?

KIRSTIE: Never know what to expect but I feel like the overall feel is positive so I am as well!

Q: Favorite lyric off the new album?

KIRSTIE: “The only thing that matters is your heartbeat going strong” from Take Me Home

Q: How was the writing process for Water? The end result was certainly stunning

KIRSTIE: Thank you! Actually wrote it about a year and a half ago 😉 was too scared to present it till now!

Q: What I’ve learned – When you are scared it means you have exposed yourself and its your best work. Much love

KIRSTIE: Agreed!!!

►REF GOES OFF I love it!!! What do you guys think?!

Q: How long did it take to make this album and what was the inspiration to make one?

KIRSTIE: Since January!!

Q: What song are you excited to perform live from the new album?

KIRSTIE: OMG all of them!! So much new content!!

Q: What was the most challenging arrangement on the new album

KIRSTIE: Maybe Ref?! Was hard to fill out the song!

►Keep asking questions using #PTXListeningPartyKirstin!!! Answering while jamming haha!!! 🙂 thanks for listening along, guys!

►I mean, I want to be Rose Gold

Q: What is the best part of touring?

KIRSTIE: Seeing new sights and meeting new people 🙂

Q: How is your morning?


Q: What song has the most challenging arrangement?

KIRSTIE: Misbehavin is actually pretty rangy for me but I LOVEEEE IT

Q: Would you consider doing another small following spree soon?

KIRSTIE: yes 🙂

Q: Which of them did you write?

KIRSTIE: Water and Take Me Home!

Q: What is it like getting all the positive feedback about Water?love you

KIRSTIE: Um so amazing I love you guys so much 🙂 Happy to finally be able to express myself

►@jasonderulo IS PERFECTION in If I Ever Fall In Love!!! Listen to himmmmm omg killed it

Q: If you could collab with any singer who would it be?

KIRSTIE: @carocracked [Caroline] @kelly_clarkson @SaraBareilles

Q: If you could choose anyone to cover any of the songs on the album, which artist and which song?

KIRSTIE: OMG @ArianaGrande on REF teehee

Q: How was rollerskating for the sing video?

KIRSTIE: HARD. Rollerblading is so much easier!!!

Q: Which song took the longest to write?

KIRSTIE: They were all written pretty quickly but the arrangement process varied to make it PERFECT 🙂

Q: How do you feel about your song being the first song in my October Favorites playlist?

KIRSTIE: NO WAY! Amazing!! Thank you!!

►OMG my song is on! I love you all thanks for the opportunity to sing out my heart

Q: What was your reaction when you heard “light in the hallway” for the 1st time? ♥ this was mine :'(

KIRSTIE: INCREDIBLE my heart was beating so quickly wow

►Have you guys ever felt this feeling?? Gotta tell em!! #water Q: What was your inspiration for water?

KIRSTIE: The feeling in general! But also the special person I met two years ago ♥

►So honored @KOlusola brought this song to @audramae and me!! I was CRYING when we recorded oops Take Me Home

Q: Are you tired please be honest

KIRSTIE: Sleepy but in a good we’re working hard and happy way 🙂

Q: Out of all the songs on the album, which do you think is most likely to win a Grammy? LOVE YOU

KIRSTIE: OMG!! Idk!!! Would be so cool to get nominated again though

Q: Did you, Scott and Mitch plan on wearing flannel today or was that a coincidence?

KIRSTIE: You didn’t get the memo? Happy release day/happy wear plaid day? 😉 (jk)

►Man, this song is moving!! I wish New Years Day could have played at my HS graduation I would have LOST IT

►What are some of your favorite lyrics from the album?! Tweet with #PTXListeningPartyKirstin !!!

Q: Your favourite cover off the album?

KIRSTIE: If I ever fall in love BY FAR @jasonderulo is amazing

►Omg last original!!! Listening through with all of you has been amazing thank you #LightInTheHallway

Q: Can we have a music video for “Water” please?!! P.S. You’re gorgeous and I love you

KIRSTIE: Yes!! We hope to do videos for all or most of the album!!

Q: What keeps you doing what you’re doing? I love you so much!

KIRSTIE: The music and all of you. Truly.

►Gah @genmakeup totally killed my look on Where R U Now music vid!! Bringing me back!



Q: What was your reaction to having the album be at #3???

KIRSTIE: OMG no way I haven’t looked cause I’ve been chatting w y’all!!! YAY

Q: Who came up with the Utes of a self titled album?

KIRSTIE: All of us. Nothing really fit except just…our name! Haha 🙂

Q: Will you ever release a solo album?

KIRSTIE: Maybe one day 😉

Q: If u had to pick an animal to reap resent the album, what would it be?

KIRSTIE: @olafthehusky

►Do you guys have the deluxe album? Totally dancing to Cheerleader right now!!

Q: First things first, @kirstin_taylor slayed “Water” so bad, I am obsessed!

KIRSTIE: Thank you!! ♥♥ ►I can’t tell who my cheerleader is 1. @JeremyMichael22 2. @olafthehusky 3. My mom LOL prob my mom 😀 ♥

Q: What song(s) were you most excited for us to hear?

KIRSTIE: Water, Ref, If I Ever Fall In Love, New Year’s Day, all maybe?! Haha!!

Q: Now you will write only original songs? I liked covers too, I wish we hear more of them

KIRSTIE: We’ll always do covers! We have some on our deluxe album

Q: Olaf or Wyatt?

KIRSTIE: Is that even a question lol

Q: Did you ever get emotional making any of the songs?

KIRSTIE: Water, Take Me Home, Misbehavin

KIRSTIE: Wow!!! Already over!? Thank you guys so much for listening w me! Thanks @Spotify for hosting! Love y’all!

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