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To celebrate both us reaching 3000 followers on Twitter and PTX debuting as the #1 album, we are going to be kicking off some giveaways! First up, we are giving away two copies of the deluxe version of Pentatonix the Album autographed by the members of Pentatonix! Read on for your chance to win this awesome piece of history.

To be entered to win, leave a comment on this post with a question you would love to ask Pentatonix. I love doing this because you guys never fail to come up with amazing questions! If we are ever able to do an interview with them, we will use some of your questions, so make them great.

For a chance to win a second autographed CD, head over to our Twitter account and retweet this tweet about the contest. CDs can be mailed anywhere in the world as long as it is legal to win/own in your country. Good luck!

Both Twitter and comment entries end November 11th  at midnight PST. Only one comment per person. Multiple comments will result in you being disqualified.


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  1. One piece of advice you wish you had before you entered into the music business??

  2. Mckayla Price says:

    How did yall come up with the album cover?
    What was the inspiration behind it?

  3. Rebeca Tirado says:

    What’s a question that you actually wish people would ask you during interviews?

  4. I would love to know if they would ever consider writing a reggae type song. They always sound so good on songs with that type of feel to them!

  5. Do you have gifts from fans hung up or displayed in your living spaces?

  6. What do you guys do with all your fanmail and drawings your fans make for you guys?

  7. How do you all see yourself in 20 years? About your career and about your personal life.

  8. Shannan Eads says:

    If you could sit down right now with your 13 year old self and talk one on one what advice would you give (with what you know now)?

  9. Francisco Richart Jimenez says:

    After listening to your great “Christus Factum Est” version, in your past tour, many people have commented they would love to get such great classical masterpieces recorded by the best a cappella group. Have you ever considered to release at least one album in this style?

  10. lisa christman says:

    i think you are fantastic. what motivates you the most?

  11. Cami Vargas says:

    At the beginning of your career do you imagine how far would you go ? When you started singing do you thought that you were going to do a capella ? And how do you choose your songs for matching them so good ?
    ❤️ u all guys !

  12. What is one way to get rid of your nerves before a show?

  13. What’s the next big goal for PTX?!

  14. A lot of students don’t go into music because the chances of success are pretty low? Did any of you ever think about going into a different field because of this?

  15. What is your favorite thing to do as a group (besides singing beautifully together)?

  16. What is your best practice tip for getting in tune and maintaining tones?

  17. If each of you could be mentored by any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

  18. If you had one week off, how would you want to spend it?

  19. If you could each go back in time and relive one memory, what would you choose ?

  20. Neetij Krishnan says:

    What is your favorite part of being a musician?

  21. Danielle Mansen says:

    If you didn’t choose choir what do you think you would have done instead?

  22. Natalie Jiménez says:

    When they end up a concert and reach your room when already they are lying what images and thoughts go through your head before going to sleep

  23. What question do you hate being asked in interviews?

  24. When was the moment you knew that you wanted to do acapella?

  25. Abby Teague says:

    When you aren’t singing a solo, can you sing your part and hold out your notes correctly or do you rely on the other voices to keep your harmonies on point?

  26. Have you ever thought about giving up of any shows or even the group?

  27. How do you keep your voice intact with all of the constant singing you all do? Also even though singing is your job, do you enjoy it more to just belt out a song or sing (by ptx) in harmony with each other? Thanks love you

  28. I’ve noticed that a lot of your originals have to do with relationships, (ex. Love Again, Can’t Sleep Love, Show You How to Love, etc.) Are these songs inspired by past relationship experiences of yours? Is there interesting stories behind them?

  29. oliver parker says:

    When you began as a trio, why did you decide to do your cover songs a cappella? What specifically about a cappella music inspired you to pursue this as a full out career?

  30. How much has the writing->production process changed since PTX VOL I? For Pentatonix, you guys got to work with song writers – does this make a big difference? Also, is there any chance of PTX ever doing a Disney medley? :3

  31. You all were at a young age when you discovered your passion and fulfillment from music. What advice would you give to older fans who have yet to find their niche in the world?

  32. What was it like getting to perform at a major awards show?

  33. How do you think your 13 year old self would perceive you? Do you think you would get along?

  34. You’re a truly inspiration for many of us with a unique talent, how does it feel not only be a great motivation and sometimes a lifesaver and what would you say about being able not just to reach out all over the world but to enter as the first and fabulous a capella group??

  35. If you’re not Pentatonix, where would each probably be at now? (What profession, where you live, etc.)

  36. Andrew Swartz says:

    With all the accomplished that you each individually have acheived already, what is still on your bucket list? Either for the upcoming year or lifetime?

  37. Now that you’ve accomplished a number one original abum, what do you have planned for future music and the next album?

  38. What is on #1 on your bucket list?

  39. What was the most difficult thing to do while recording new music?

  40. Theo Chan says:

    You guys are such an inspiration to people and help us with so much. How does it feel when people cry or get really really emotional when they meet your?

  41. Stuart smith says:

    If you could sign with one person who is dead who would it be ? And why

  42. What is each of your guilty pleasure?

  43. MarQueisa James says:

    Is the music industry anything like you expected when you were younger? If not how is it different from what you originally thought?

  44. Analise Grassi says:

    What’s your guy’s favorite kind of gum to chew?

  45. What have been the most memorable gifts from fans (physical things or fanart or videos online)

  46. Christian Sykes says:

    What is one way you want to change PTX as a vocal group in the coming year?

  47. Which artist inspires you most as a group, othere than Beyonce?

  48. What piece of advice would you give a music major who is currently in college and wishes to teach and perform music for a living?

  49. What’s your favorite song to perform?

  50. Andrea Nicole says:

    What is the best memory you have as a group? 🙂

  51. Anaiya N. Jackson says:

    Have you guys ever disagreed on a song and got into an argument?

  52. How old was Mitch when he sang his first whistle note?

  53. Irish Allison says:

    I want this so bad my family loves you all!

  54. Is there a song you wish you had written?

  55. What helps calm your nerves before a show?

  56. What’s you favourite part of going on tour?

  57. Sophie Salmon says:

    How do y’all like to spend your time when you finally get a break?? Do you stick together or get as far away from each other as possible?

  58. Destyne Washington says:

    Now that you’ve won multiple awards including a Grammy, what are your goals or what do you see in your near future?

  59. How hard was it to transition from being normal people and into fame to Grammy winners in such a short span?

  60. Brittany P says:

    Where do you see yourselves in ten years?

  61. If I could ask Pentatonix one question, it would be this:

    What is one piece of If advice for keeping friendships for so long?

  62. If each of you made your own music, which genre/what type could you see yourself making?

  63. I’ve been a fan since the first night of “The Sing-Off”. I knew you won the first night! As a music teacher, I just want to say thank you for all you do!

  64. Tracy Deyhle says:

    So many artist become addicted to drugs once they become famous. How Do You all keep yourselves grounded so you do not follow that road?

  65. Brittany Heise says:

    Where is the oddest place you have been recognized?

  66. Where and what will you be doing now if you weren’t in Pentatonix and have not met any of the other members.

  67. Holly Ducky Daquioag says:

    What is your normal warm up routine? What are some of your fav old choir warm ups? Do you warm up daily or as needed?

  68. If you weren’t in Pentatonix, what would you be up to right now?

  69. You are one of the few artists that really interact with their fanbase. Im sure you guys enjoy meeting new fans whenever you are on tour, but do you guys get excited to see some of the fans that youve seen in the past that have kept on supporting you?

  70. Chelsi Labor says:

    I love Pentatonix.

  71. Ethan Gehl says:

    How can people be so mean to you guys you are perfect

  72. Morgan F. says:

    You have all accomplished so much, both individually and as a group. After so much success, what are your biggest dreams, for Pentatonix and for yourselves individually?

  73. Would you ever consider doing a song that a fan wrote for you guys, complete score and everything? 🙂

  74. Tori womacks says:

    Why did you guys name the group Pentatonic?

  75. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be with and what would you eat?

  76. If you could live in one other country and know you will adapt to it which one would it be? …

  77. You all have such beautiful smiles. Genes or orthodontics?

  78. How do you guys feel about the fact that you inspire and help millions of people ALL AROUND THE WORLD? What’s One thing you would ask your future self if you could?

  79. What would you all be doing individually if Pentatonix never existed?

  80. Anne-Marie Aumont says:

    With all the Fan Art from the fans all around the world… when will you open the “PTX Museum” ?

  81. For each of you, what kind of object must’nt be missing before going/while performing on stage?

  82. If you weren’t allowed to use the name Pentatonix, what would you have called yourselves?

  83. What would you say to youngstars who want to pursue their dream in the movie industry?

  84. Would you rather have lots of obstacles, and then get a really great life, or no obstacles and have an average life?

  85. If you were one of the fairys of Sleeping Beauty, what would be the quality you would gift to Princess Aurora?

  86. Letícia Marini says:

    One thing that you learned about each other that helps keep your work ethic and honesty intact?

  87. Do you ever become close friends with your fans?

  88. What’s been your most favourite music video that you’ve recorded/been in?

  89. I am a huge fan of PTX!! I would really. really really like that CD!!!

  90. Oh, the question, Sorry 🙂 Your harmony is just perfect! How did you acomplished to produce a harmony of your voices that overlap so well? And do you miss playing instruments (piano, guitar and cello)? 🙂 I am a huge fan! Your album is amazing. TY!

  91. I would ask:
    Mitch would you marry me?
    Just kidding 😀 ! I would probably ask…
    Would you ever sing a song written by fans?

  92. Posey Robinson says:

    What original song did you have the most fun making/writing?

  93. Would you consider recording a multicultural album or EP? The creative and personal differences of you all have been a study of inspiration to me. I would love to hear you all’s interpretation of the music from your individual cultures or cultures that have influenced you. Much love.

  94. Faith Rodriguez says:

    Advice for people with anxiety who really want to become acapella musicians like you? Btw you guys inspired me alot… Thanks ❤

  95. Amanda Schwinger says:

    What is one piece of advice you would give an aspiring singer who has always been told they aren’t good enough?

  96. Roan Robinson says:

    What is your most memorable moment on stage?

  97. Brinlee Burningham says:

    What’s the hardest part about arranging songs?

  98. Anne Barringer says:

    What was your very first memory of music, and did you know then, that that would be your path/job/calling?

  99. I would like to know if the members of Pentatonix faced any objections from their family members when they first started their music/singing career .

  100. After the CMA’s, have you considered covering any other country songs?

  101. If you could have any other job for one week what would it be?

  102. How do you start writing an album? When you’re stumped with writing a song, what inspires you to complete the song?

  103. Are you going to have meet and greets for the Jingle Ball in Columbus Ohio?

  104. If you could have any other job aside from being in the music industry, what would you be?

  105. If I could ask PTX any question, I would ask them if they ever found a genie and were granted 3 wishes, what would it be and why?

  106. What’s a compliment you’ve received that has stuck with you every since?

  107. I would ask what are the best and worst parts of being on tour?

  108. Brittany J says:

    If you could ask that one question never be asked again, what question would it be and why?

  109. Why do Mitch and Avi always point to eachother or Kirstin during Aha? I’ve always wanted to know

  110. What is your favourite outfit you wore back in the Sing-Off days?

  111. How do you decide which songs to put on the album and which ones to leave off?

  112. Pavlina Atanasova ( @Pavlina_At ) says:

    Would you ever consider to make a song with another A cappella group?

  113. If yall were given a chance to swop your own roles within the group (i.e Avi to be the beat boxer) which will yall choose to become? (:

  114. I’m great fan of PTX since a long time but i’m from a very little country in South America (Uruguay), where I don’t think they wouldn’t ever consider it for tour. Do you have some message for fans that are as far away as I?

  115. Do you ever go back and watch your old videos and covers? What goes through your head?

  116. Are you planning on arranging an Intro Song with all the album’s originals like you did this year with PTX VOL.III for the On My Way Home Tour?

  117. Shreshtha Ramsout says:

    What question do you wish interviewers would ask you?

  118. Gitika Jha says:

    Which artist do you want to do a collab with the most?

  119. Antoine Beaudry says:

    Since you normally adapt music to a cappella, was it hard to completely create songs with voices ?

  120. Allison Moya says:

    What would you say is or was your most difficult challenge for your group (dynamics, rhythm, etc.)?

  121. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

  122. After you guys dropped on a recording label what was your initial reaction? What motivates you to pursue what you had started through youtube? A piece of advice to all aspiring musicians to become a successful to their choosen passion.

  123. Susan Boese says:

    What song do you never get tired of hearing?

  124. Chyntia Christina says:

    if you could go back to the past, would you choose this life or not?

  125. Eileen Vazquez says:

    What goes through your minds when you meet a fan on the streets??

  126. Anastasiya says:

    I would love to ask Pentatonix about what they would have done if they didn’t go into the music industry.

  127. Hey guys…..where do you see yourself’s in 20 years? Will you still be together? What are some tips for improving your voice??? Would you ever cover Adele’s new song Hello?? Have a fantastic and wonderful day!!

  128. Fay Newman says:

    So thankful to God that you all use your God given instruments your voices, and would you all ever do a gospel album?

  129. What’s your favourite song on the album?

  130. Rachel Ahn says:

    First, I must ask this question. Avi, recently you have been not wearing a beanie. Is it because your tastes changed or do you not wear it in front of cameras? Just curious about this.
    Also, for everyone, is there a song from any of your albums that you either still love listening to or got tired of listening to?
    I wish you guys many more years of success.

  131. What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

  132. If you could play any role in a musical on Broadway, what would it be?

  133. Seraya Sanchez says:

    five years ago would you have ever imagined you’d be where you are now ?

  134. Emilie Carafeno says:

    From being the underdogs in the SingOff, rejected by other talent shows, dropped by your label, reimagining acapella, to facing all of the other hurdles and challenges that were thrown at you: how did you find and keep your motivation to persevere despite the odds?

  135. When are you coming to Edmonton, Alberta for a performance?

  136. Kayla Jade says:

    For each member: was there ever a career path that you were set on doing, besides music? What were your biggest aspirations before pentatonix?

  137. What is your spirit animal?

  138. Kathy Cheung says:

    Who are your music muses?

  139. Juan Avalos says:

    When you guys first won the Sing Off and getting dropped from the label did you guys ever see yourselves were you guys are now?

  140. If you could meet every fans you have what would you do? 🙂 love pentatonix tonsn!!

  141. What’s all of your favroite hobbies?

  142. What is the song you feel like was the best arranged when on the song off ? Sending love from day one fan !

  143. How do you think that you setting new trends and standards for acappella music will chance the industry and inspire new groups?

  144. Morgan Campbell says:

    Here’s a question for all of you! What is your Broadway dream role?!<3

  145. Dana Johnson says:

    What advice would you like to give people who are struggling with life?

  146. I would love to know everyone’s first impressions or first thoughts after they arranged the audition song?

  147. Brittany seanor says:

    What charity is your favorite charity to give back to? ( since it’s the holiday time I had to ask)

  148. My dear important music makers! Without Pentatonix was it hard to express my feeling for the love of singing harmonized. Your voices fit perfectly like Wouw! Your people are amazing and you introduced en brought acapella music to a whole new level thanks for that!
    The question: Before the moment you guys got famous(before the Sing Off)what job or study would you have done?

  149. Marchelle Kyra says:

    If you would be given a chance to perform in the Philippines. Would you perform there joyfully and full of happiness?

  150. the sound of your new album is so different from your previous ones, did you come up with a particular theme for the new album?

  151. If you were to switch voices with somebody in the group for a day, who would it be and what would you do? *picturing Kirstie with Avi’s voice as I type this*

  152. I would love to know how each member got into the music business

  153. How do you guys get along so well when one of you have had a bad day? Do you guys try to make the others day better?

    *retweeted also.

  154. Stella Daniels says:

    Do the rest of you guys ship Scott and Mitch.?

  155. Kaya Albert says:

    What advice would you give to new musicians trying to get started in the music industry?

  156. Do you think Pentatonix will get in the way of starting a family?

  157. What did you guys do to celebrate winning The Sing Off?

  158. Jami Kelley says:

    Has anyone been reached out to individually to do any solo work? If so, for what?

  159. I love you guys so much. I have introduced you to 650 of my students at school and they all love you. Everyday they come in and see your picture I have on my computer, they ask “can we listen to pentatonix today” and I let them. My question for you is would you ever go to schools to inspire young scholars to keep singing?

  160. Krystal Wegner says:

    I would love to ask them how old they were when they realized that music was going to be a big part of their lives, not necessarily as a career but just as big part of their lives.

  161. ¿Como fue que nació ese concepto de esta musica tan especial sin instrumentos con pura vocalización?

  162. Kristine Tomas says:

    Do you see yourself planning on having a family on your own in the future?

  163. Did you guys ever dream of becoming this famous?

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