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Pentatonix on Le JT de 20H

Pentatonix recently appeared in a segment on a French news station! Video is in French, but we have a translation thanks to Frédérique Blais. The clip even has a behind the scenes look at the “Sing” video shoot with a couple fan interviews I hadn’t seen before.


Translated by by Frédérique Blais.
“They probably also sing in the shower, they’re called Pentatonix, nothing to do with the new Astérix comic book, they are five Americans who sing acapella, their vocal prowess have earned millions of fans on the Internet. Jocelin Auchet, Amélie Clément and Clément Biais met them in Los Angeles.
Here’s five voices who conquered the music world. Kirstie, Scott, Mitch, Avi and Kevin are the group Pentatonix who only sings acapella. Their worldwide success they owe it to Internet and to their covers of pop artists. This Michael Jackson medley have been seen more than twelve million times on YouTube. Other medleys they did are Beyoncé and Daft Punk, entirely mixed by their vocal chords.
Scott: we were signed for an album but we got dropped almost immediately so we went to YouTube. We made our first video on an iPad and it got better from there. (Sorry if it’s not exactly Scott’s words)
We meet them in Los Angeles where they shoot the music video of one of their new songs. Not a cover this time but a song they wrote together these past few months. The shoot was on the famous beach of Venice beach. Dozens of fans are waiting for them to arrive.
Fans: just growing up with this kind of music, you know, digital. And them, they do everything with their voices. It’s just incredible. It doesn’t bother me that my daughter listen to their music, I like it too.
Bringing together, that’s one of Pentatonix’s strength. To realize this clip the five singers reached to their fans on social medias.
Mitch: it’s crazy I mean I can’t believe from where we where to where we are now, it’s totally surreal all this stuff that happened. It’s awesome.
After a successful tour, Pentatonix release a new album in a world dominated by electronic and instrumental music. The group hope to continue to build their success only with these five voices.”


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