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Mitch Grassi :: Hitting the High Notes with Pentatonix

Pentatonix has taken the world by storm! We’ve all been bitten by the group’s availability and openness; we have the availability to access each member of the group online in ways that are entirely unique. And what’s really cool? Pentatonix

Ben Bram, the Musical Wizard Man

“Show choir. A cappella. Havens for nerds, right?”  NOT ANYMORE. Ben Bram is helping change the scene! He has worked on TV’s The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect movies and helps Pentatonix arrange their music. Ozy’s author Taylor Mayol interviews Ben Bram to find out how “this

Pentatonix: RCA’s A Cappella Phenoms Bust Out Their First Full-Length Set of Originals

While this article does not have any interviews with the members of Pentatonix, they did sit down with a representative from their label and the bands manager. Neither of these people usually participate in interviews, so this is definitely worth

Mitch Grassi On Pentatonix’s New LP—’Nobody Else Has Done What We’ve Done’

Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi recently chatted with PopDust about their influences for their new album, the meanings behind different songs, and which original song he would have trouble performing live. I love this interview! Mitch always does amazing interviews, but this

Hot Vocal Group Pentatonix Co-Writes Most Of The Songs On Their New Album, Pentatonix

Songwriter Universe just released a more in depth interview with Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying about the collaborators,goals, and inspirations for the new album. Via Songwriter Universe “Extending the whirlwind of recording, video and touring activity that Pentatonix has experienced since winning

Does Pentatonix Have The Voice For Radio?

If you have ever wondered which song writers Pentatonix has been working with for the new Pentatonix album, look no further! USA Today recently published a great article that includes short interviews with Scott Hoying and Kevin Olusola and details on

Pentatonix: 9 Inspiring Things We Learned That Make Us Love Them Even More

We all have our list of things that inspire us about Pentatonix and ET Online has been kind enough to share their top 9! How does PTX inspire you? Let us know in the comments! Via ET Online “The a

Concert Review: Kelly Clarkson Impresses Amp crowd With Familiar Tracks, Drake Cover And Petatonix Collaboration

Sounds like Pentatonix is winning over new fans at every stop of the Piece by Piece Tour! Via Post City Toronto “While Clarkson’s remarkable vocals ensured that each cover was handled with proper care, she wasn’t the only performer on

The Making Of Pentatonix’s “Daft Punk”

Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix recently wrote an article for Grammy.com discussing the making of the GRAMMY Award winning Daft Punk Medley. Turns out he is a great writer! It is very short, but a great behind the scenes look at

Pentatonix on Their Pitch-Perfect, Platinum Career

Other than the lack of any quotes from Kirstin Maldonado, I really enjoyed this Pentatonix interview with Yahoo! Music. I love that Gotye has seen their “Somebody That I used To Know” video and loved it! I can also say