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Avi Kaplan’s Spotify Album Playback

Thank you to the lovely Corinne for transcribing Avi Kaplan’s recent Twitter question and answer session during the Spotify album playback!   AVI’s Spotify album playback October 16, 2015 AVI: Starting my @spotify album playback NOW! Everyone hit play on the

Pentatonix On Track To Make Music History

Pentatonix’s Avi Kaplan sat down with his hometown newspaper to talk about the new album and the competition for #1 album. Yesterday was the end of the first week for album rankings, so we should find out today if they

Pentatonix: Making Up A Song On The Spot

This is, straight up, the funniest interview I have ever seen! Kevin has the best laugh ever. See what happens when you aren’t there, Kirstin? Before you ask, she is fine! She was performing at a charity event at that

Grammy Winners Pentatonix Finally Getting Airplay

In this interview with ABC News, the members of Pentatonix seem very nervous about whether the new album will be a success or not. I can only imagine how relieved they are that everyone is loving it! Keep buying, gifting

Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix Talks Small Vs. Large Venues, Voice Maintenance, ‘Bad Blood’

Pentatonix’s Avi Kaplan doesn’t seem to do an many interviews as some of his other band mates, so finding a solo interview of his is always a special treat! Enjoy! Via Las Vegas Sun ““Music is about bringing light to

Incredible Low-Poly Pentatonix Fan Art

You absolutely have to check out these incredible Low-Poly illustrations of the members of Pentatonix by NatashaKosakDesign on Tumblr. She also did a video of her process! What do you think? I would totally love to see these on a

Visalia Native Avi Kaplan Up For Grammy

Although this article is from a month ago, it is definitely worth the read! The Visalia Times-Delta interviews Avi Kaplan and his mother Shelly Kaplan on Pentatonix’s GRAMMY nomination and Avi’s formative years. — Via Visalia Times-Delta “Considering that it has

The Vocal Ranges of Pentatonix

If you are a professional musician or just into the technical aspects of music, you will love Alberto Maracheski’s videos covering the vocal ranges of the members of Pentatonix! He also has videos for many, many other artists. Don’t forget to

Avi Kaplan Has Cameo In Home Free Music Video

Home Free released a music video this summer for their original song “Champagne Taste (On a Beer Budget)”. In addition to being a really fun song, Pentatonix fans will appreciate the cameo of our very own Avi Kaplan starting at

Avi Kaplan’s Original Song “Tumbleweed” Hits 1 Million Views!

  Last week was pretty amazing for Pentatonix as a whole and now Avi Kaplan has his very own reason to celebrate! His original song, “Tumbleweed”, just hit 1 million views on YouTube! If you haven’t heard it yet, you are