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Incredible Tap Dance to Pentatonix’s Cover of White Winter Hymnal

I am in awe over this tap dance set to Pentatonix’s cover of White Winter Hymnal. As you know if you have followed this page for any length of time, I absolutely adore dance covers! I think this one speaks

Tu Te Manawa Maurea’s Poi To Pentatonix’s “Run To You”

Love this Maori Poi done to Pentatonix’s “Run To You”! From what I can tell it is a traditional dance in New Zealand and this dance was done as part of a contest. Love it and really hope Pentatonix sees it!

More Fun With Sign Language And Pentatonix

A while ago we shared a YouTube video by Sophie Fofi in which she does an amazing sign language interpretation of Mitch Grassi’s rap in “Problem”. I am so pleased to say that she has recently posted another video and it

Superfruit Covers Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself”

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying of Superfruit (and Pentatonix!) fame cover Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself:.  

Fan Translates Part of Pentatonix’s Cover of “Problem” Into Sign Language

I am so in awe of this fan video for Pentatonix’s cover of “Problem”! She translated Mitch Grassi’s rap into German sign language. Not only that, but I feel like she really translated his sass as well! So fun!! What do

Fantastic Dance Covers of Various Pentatonix Songs

We have always know the Pentatonix fandom was extremely talented. You only have to take a brief look at the fan art and fan covers of songs online to know that! Apparently, they are also skilled in dance! Recently we

High Energy Dance To Pentatonix’s Cover of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”

I love watching dances choreographed to Pentatonix songs! When you love the music, it really shows in your dancing. This video is just so high energy and fun it makes me want to dance, too!  

The IceColdCombos Ice Dance To Pentatonix’s Cover Of “White Winter Hymnal”

This cover is absolutely incredible! The IceColdCombos beautifully combined ice skating and modern dance with Pentatonix’s cover of “White Winter Hymnal”. Not only is the idea original, but the execution is truly inspiring! I wish I could ice skate like that!

Young Fan Does Amazing Dance to Pentatonix’s Cover of “Little Drummer Boy”

You have to check out this incredible video of a young boy, Sean Kew, dancing to Pentatonix’s version of “Little Drummer Boy”. It is short, but Sean has incredible talent! I would love to see a longer version someday!

Tori Kelly and AJ Rafael Cover Pentatonix’s “That’s Christmas to Me”

Oh wow! Tori Kelly and AJ Rafael just released a cover of Pentatonix’s “That’s Christmas To Me” and it is incredible! They really manage to capture the magic of the song with two voices and a piano! They even added a