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The Making Of Pentatonix’s “Daft Punk”

Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix recently wrote an article for Grammy.com discussing the making of the GRAMMY Award winning Daft Punk Medley. Turns out he is a great writer! It is very short, but a great behind the scenes look at

Pentatonix Wins First Grammy In Watershed Moment For A Cappella

Pentatonix just won a GRAMMY for their “Daft Punk Medley” arrangement! What an incredible way to kick off the year! Stay tuned as we scour the web for videos and pictures from the event and after parties. Until then, check

Instrumental Cover of Pentatonix’s “Daft Punk Medley”

Love this take on Pentatonix’s “Daft Punk Medley” by Brian Sesic  for his Senior Recital at Long Beach State University. He rewrote the medley for instruments, which I thought was a fun twist for an a capella arrangement! What do you think?

Sampling of Fantastic New Pentatonix Daft Punk Fan Art!

Our fandom is so talented! If you ever doubt that for a second, take a look through YouTube, DeviantArt and Twitter. Today we have rounded up a collection of Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley fan art that will absolutely amaze you!

Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley Hits 100 Million Views!

I am so excited to announce that Pentatonix’s “Daft Punk Medley” hit 100 million views… on the one year anniversary of its posting! This is huge for Pentatonix! Thanks to all the Pentaholics for watching, sharing, and helping make this

German Girl Group Covers Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley

The group “I Dolci” is comprised of eight young ladies from Germany between the ages of 13-16. They recently did a fantastic cover of Pentatonix’s “Daft Punk Medley”! Not only is the singing great, but they even edited their video

Halloween Light Show to Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley

Remember the group that brought us the fantastic Christmas light show to Pentatonix’s cover of “Little Drummer Boy”? Well, they are back with a great Halloween light show to PTX’s “Daft Punk Medley”. While not as intricate as the Christmas

Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley Is Close to 100 Million Views!

Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley was posted last year on November 4 and has garnered almost 97 million views! Can you even believe it as been a whole year? We would love to see it reach 100 million by next month!

Pentatonix to Perform at the Streamys!

  Pentatonix is having a great week! Last night it was announced that they won a Streamy Award for Best Cover for their Daft Punk Mashup. Not only did they win an award, they were invited to perform at the

Sonic Chicky’s Amazing Pentatonix Covers Will Blow You Away -Video

This is one of the best covers of Pentatonix’s Daft Punk Medley I have seen yet! In fact, all three of their videos are fantastic. Absolutely incredible singing by Sonic Chicky. I wish they had better staging for the videos, but