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Mitch Grassi :: Hitting the High Notes with Pentatonix

Pentatonix has taken the world by storm! We’ve all been bitten by the group’s availability and openness; we have the availability to access each member of the group online in ways that are entirely unique. And what’s really cool? Pentatonix

Pentatonix’s Guide To Making The Perfect Party Playlist

As most of us know, Pentatonix formed in 2011 for the a cappella TV competition, The Sing Off. After years of covering other artist’s songs and becoming Youtube superstars (seriously, their channel has over 9.1 million subscribers and over 1.1

Pentatonix on Le JT de 20H

Pentatonix recently appeared in a segment on a French news station! Video is in French, but we have a translation thanks to Frédérique Blais. The clip even has a behind the scenes look at the “Sing” video shoot with a couple

Pentatonix Plays This or That on Radio Disney

Pentatonix joins Radio Disney for an interview playing This or That… a cappella edition! Plus a bonus video of them on the Radio Disney Scare Cam. Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Looks like Scott Hoying’s might have been a

Pentatonix on Sunday Brunch

These interviewers didn’t really do a whole lot of research on Pentatonix before the interview, but they do have a fun interview style.  

Pentatonix Sings Off an Interview

“Pentatonix stops by the iHeartRadio Studios to do a live sing off on Paul Costabile as he interviews them in the latest edition of Singerview! ” So cute! Loving Kirstin’s braids!  

Ben Bram, the Musical Wizard Man

“Show choir. A cappella. Havens for nerds, right?”  NOT ANYMORE. Ben Bram is helping change the scene! He has worked on TV’s The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect movies and helps Pentatonix arrange their music. Ozy’s author Taylor Mayol interviews Ben Bram to find out how “this

Mitch Grassi On Pentatonix’s New LP—’Nobody Else Has Done What We’ve Done’

Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi recently chatted with PopDust about their influences for their new album, the meanings behind different songs, and which original song he would have trouble performing live. I love this interview! Mitch always does amazing interviews, but this

Here’s How Pentatonix Makes Its A Capella Arrangements Happen

In Pentatonix’s recent interview with Time Magazine the discuss their new album and their goals. They also show how to break down their arrangments of “Can’t Sleep Love” and “Cheerleader”.     Via Time Magazine   “Watch the members break

Pentatonix On Track To Make Music History

Pentatonix’s Avi Kaplan sat down with his hometown newspaper to talk about the new album and the competition for #1 album. Yesterday was the end of the first week for album rankings, so we should find out today if they