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Pentatonix And Lindsey Stirling’s “Radioactive” Goes Gold; “Daft Punk” Also Certified

Such exciting news you guys! Via Headline Planet “Pentatonix’s “Radioactive” and “Daft Punk” have been officially certified gold by the RIAA. Pentatonix, which previously earned a platinum certification for its album “That’s Christmas to Me,” now holds RIAA certifications for

Lindsey Stirling Releases Book of Sheet Music

Lindsey Stirling recently released a book of sheet music that includes her Pentatonix collaboration “Radioactive”! The book is only $19.99 and is available here. “PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Contains: Fix You Good Feeling My Immortal All of Me Pokemon Theme Radioactive Star

Pentatonix’s “Radioactive” Named “The Most Impressive Cover of 2013”

I love the fact that Pentatonix has been getting so much critical acclaim in the mainstream media! All of their hard work is paying off. Policy Mic recently named Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling’s cover of “Radioactive” as their “Most Impressive

Drum Cover of Pentatonix’s Cover of “Radioactive”

This is amazing! This fan did a drum cover of “Radioactive” that uses some of the vocals as well. It is definitely worth a listen. And to think it is only her second cover ever! Incredible talent, Alicia. Keep up

YouTube Video Music Awards Results

I am so excited to announce that Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling won “Best Response of the Year” in the first ever YouTube Video Music Awards for their cover of “Radioactive!’ What an amazing week for Pentatonix! Many, many thanks to

YouTube Video Music Awards

So excited to announce that Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling have been nominated for Best Response Video of the Year for their cover of “Radioactive” in the first ever YouTube Video Music Awards. This is a HUGE honor and could really