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Tu Te Manawa Maurea’s Poi To Pentatonix’s “Run To You”

Love this Maori Poi done to Pentatonix’s “Run To You”! From what I can tell it is a traditional dance in New Zealand and this dance was done as part of a contest. Love it and really hope Pentatonix sees it!

Mashup of Pentatonix’s “Run to You” and Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity”

Have you seen this fantastic mashup of Pentatonix’s “Run to You” and Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity”? If you haven’t, it is definitely worth a listen or three!  

Middle School Amazes with Pentatonix’s Run to You

A fan shared this video with us and we were so excited to see it. I love watching covers of Pentatonix’s  “Run to You”, but this one blew me away! They sound absolutely incredible. Even more so when you consider their

Choral Covers of Pentatonix’s “Run to You”

We have seen several amazing virtual choirs cover Pentatonix’s “Run to You”. Now it is time to share some live choir performances. The emotion and musicality of this song is just so intense,I can’t get enough of it! It is

Amazing Cover of Pentatonix’s “Run to You”

I can’t believe this amazing cover of Pentatonix’s “Run to You” by HymnsAndHers. The talent in this fandom constantly surprises me… in a great way! With only three singers they still manage to capture the feel of the original. Fantastic

Fantastic Fan Cover of Run to You by Pentatonix

Check out this amazing cover of Run to You by AwaChan! I absolutely love her voice: it is just perfect for this song! It is so amazing  to me when one person can sing all five parts. I can’t imagine

Virtual Choir Performs Pentatonix’s “Run to You” -Video

Here is another outstanding virtual choir performance of Pentatonix’s “Run to You”. This one was rendered by Michael Lining from 48 submissions from all over the world. Not only is the sound incredible, but he did an amazing job with

Kevin Talks With 2News

  Here is an awesome link to a video interview Kevin did with 2News.  He talks about the tour, Run To You, and a performance with Vocal Point. Unfortunately, I can’t embed it, but you can follow this link to

Media Take on “Run to You”, Pentatonix’s First Original Music Video

Not only has the music video for “Run to You” gotten almost half a million hits in one day, but the media reviews have been awesome as well! Read on to see some of the awesome reviews! — Via Huffingtonpost.com

“Run to You” Pentatonix’s First Original Music Video!

So excited to share Pentatonix’s first original music video! Only one word for it: GORGEOUS!  We all love their covers and their original songs, so here is the best of both worlds! I love the fact that the video is