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Upcoming Pentatonix Appearances and Other Important News

Pentatonix has so much going on right now that I decided to do one post to sum up all the (known) upcoming appearances and other important news/announcements that have come out recently. Make sure you read them all! There is

What we’re loving right now: Pentatonix

I love to hear different people’s reasons for loving Pentatonix. It is so much fun because everyone has different reasons! Sure, there is a lot of overlap, but they appeal to so many people for such a wide range of

Media Take on Pentatonix and Sesame Street

Looks like everyone is loving the clip of Pentatonix on Sesame Street! Can’t wait to see the reviews after it actually airs! Check out these great reviews and some fun photos! — Via PopDust “As if we needed another reason

Pentatonix on Sesame Street! -Video

If you can’t wait until February 7th to see Pentatonix on Sesame Street, check out the official video clip of their appearance below! They also posted a backstage mash-up of “C is for Cookie” and “The Rubber Ducky Song”. There

Updated Appearance Schedule

Thanks so much to Pentaholic Shirley for getting an up to date appearance schedule for Pentatonix! Here is what we know currently, straight from the mouth of the publicist for Pentatonix. Fox and Friends- Dec. 19th Arsenio Hall-Dec.20th Queen Latifah

Pentatonix TV Appearances!

Pentatonix will be on Conan tonight at 11/10c on TBS! Don’t forget to tune in and check out what is sure to be an epic performance! We will post a link to the online clips as soon as they are